Frequently asked questions

Do you ship worldwide?
Yes, you can order from all over the world. We ship via DHL incl. tracking & insurance for only 7,99€ each paket.

What is the minimum order quantity?
We have minimum order quantities at our suppliers and also a lot of design works in the background for each print. So the minimum order quantity for minifigures and sets is 100 pcs.

What is the delivery time?
The delivery time on the part of Lego often takes up to 4 weeks. Then we have to print and pack your order. So mostly we need 6 weeks to deliver the sets. Some basic colors are on hold in our stock. So sometimes we are faster.

Can i order single minifigs or sets?
No...sorry. Every project needs a lot of time to create ideas, arrange print files, ordering parts etc. The quantity minimum is always 100 pcs.

Do you use original LEGO®?
Yes, we are a registered reseller from LEGO. All our parts are LEGO Parts. We don´t use third party or china suppliers. Sure, LEGO is a bit more expensive. But we create high quality sets for outperforming companies all over the world. So we only use the best parts we can get.

Any questions?

If you have any questions do not hacitate to contact us.
We will answer as soon as possible!

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